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Should you choose the course what’s on the Skilled occupation list now?

There is no doubt, the majority of student whether coming from sub-continent, Asia, or Europe to Study in Australia, somewhere in hindsight they want to live in Australia permanently. Their primary focus shifts from career-oriented course to Permanent Resident (PR) oriented course. They think or believe that once they settle in Australia or have Australian PR, then they can think about career and they can study what they wish for their career after getting permanent residency in Australia.

Australian immigration law is constantly changing. Likewise, any other country. Their priority is their country and citizen of that country, the economy of that country. All rules are made to suit their primary needs. Though it is also true in some circumstances country may have international obligation such as catering for refugees.

If an international student, who is, whether coming to Australia or any other western country for study, they should always think first about long-term career goal not the finding the pathway to permanent residency. There are many occupations on Skill shortage list today that you may be attracted to, what is the guarantee that the same occupation will stay after a year or two years. Skilled Occupation lists get updated or changed order propecia no doctor every 6 months by The Department of Home Affairs, Australia.

What If the occupation is removed from the list by the time you have finished the study in Australia. Basically, you have lost valuable time and hard-earned money of your parents, if not, the hard-earned money by the student while you are studying in Australia and working restricted hours and saving to pay your upcoming tuition fees. You sacrifice so much which only an international student can tell.

Why do you want to gamble with your career, valuable time, and money? Choose, what you really want to study and study well to gain required skills and knowledge to perform the job wherever you will be whichever company you will work for. You will be proudly holding an Australian qualification which will then be recognised by many companies around the world.

Many say Australian qualification has no value overseas. But this is not true. It has value, but the issue is, those students are lacking skills and knowledge. Instead of blaming themselves they blame Australian education.

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