EMC Philosophy

We strongly believe that compliance management efforts of you should work for your institution, rather than being a burden on your business.

To achieve this, you need a simple and effective compliance regime tailored to your business not a complex beast that troubles you and your finances.


RTO consultancy

EMC Australia is a leading RTO consulting services provider in Melbourne Australia. Our consultancy support is specific to the requirements of individual clients.  We assist our clients to fully understand their regulatory compliance obligations and the actions required to satisfy those obligations.  We also advise clients on the steps that can be taken in order to minimise the likelihood of regulatory intervention.

Our Approach

We guide you through the complexities of audit service and VET regulations so that you have a full understanding of your compliance obligations.  We then work with you to create and implement compliance frameworks and programmes that are fit for purpose and can be integrated into your institution in a meaningful way.  Our simple, effective and tested approach to compliance means that you will spend less time on burdensome and ineffective compliance regimes and more time concentrating on your business and its growth.

We operate on the principles of quality, transparency, value and service.  Our prospective clients are provided with assurance that they are not exploited and not taken advantage of the opportunity of business for profit. We strongly believe in mutual work efforts for achieving organisational objectives and win-win outcomes.

RTO Audit
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RTO Consulting & RTO Audit Services

We offer a full range of auditing and compliance management services to assist you in meeting your obligations under the regulatory standards and latest requirements of new audit approach which is being rolled out in 2018. Our services include, conducting a health check to understand current operations in terms of Compliance and providing management advice and guidelines on RTO Compliance Risk Assessments, Preparing Audit Programmes to suite the new regulatory approach, conducting Internal and External Audits and Reviewing and Implementing Student Due Diligence, Marketing And Recruitment Practice, Enrolment Procedures, Student Support And Progression, Training And Assessment Policies, Procedures, Process And Practice, Student Course Completion and Certification,  Regulatory Compliance and RTO Governance Solutions.


On-Site Assistance

Understanding and implementing your compliance and regulatory obligations can be difficult on your own without expertise advice. Our on-site assistance service puts one of our specialist consultants into your business to assist with the day-to-day implementation and operation of your compliance applications into your RTO operations and programmes.  We will provide hands on advice, guidance and real-time training in order to assist you and your team.


We provide a range of training solutions designed to up-skill frontline staff, compliance officers, senior managers and directors on new audit procedures and operational aspects to match the regulatory standards.  We offer standardised training programmes as well as customised training programmes that can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your institution. Our training can be delivered either digitally or face-to-face.

Why EMC Audit

Directly focused on your objectives

Simple and effective Compliance and Audit solutions tailored to your institution

Compliance services across a range of regulatory regimes to suite new regulatory audit approach

Strategic partnership service with value for money by cutting down unnecessary finances on compliance complications

Starting up your own RTO is a massively complicated and challenging task – we can take care of it and provide you with all what is required. Get expert consulting services from EMC Auditing Solutions to make the process as smooth as possible.


Need a business plan for your RTO registration and operation? Not sure of strategies and approaches to RTO management? We can comprehensively develop it for you. Contact us for assistance.

Not sure of your obligations under the NVR Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and new ASQA audit approach and other relevant legislation? Get advice and support on all compliance related matters.

Let us assist with your registration, post-registration or re-registration audits. Get everything from advice to rectifications here.

We can provide all services needed for extensions to scope, including writing your initial units and full qualifications, preparing your TAS and completing your application.

Best done as part of a larger pre- and post-audit services package so we are familiar with your processes, systems and resources before you receive a tight 20-day deadline to complete your audit rectifications!

Get a complete set of RTO specific policies and procedures, ready to go, that will save you time of developing and complications. We can develop and prepare policies and procedures for you along with executing process of them into your operation.

Get professional audit preparation from EMC Audit Solutions before your next ASQA audit, so you are fully prepared and able to demonstrate evidence of full compliance with the Standards for RTOs on the audit day.

Contact EMC Audit Solutions today for assistance with a wide range of RTO audit services to help you achieve compliance at your next ASQA, TAC WA or VRQA audit first time – and with minimum stress and worries. Our Audit Experts will prepare your RTO for audit – including ASQA audits, CRICOS audits, registration audits, funding audits, and others – so that you can focus on delivering training in your institution and business growth.

EMC Audit Solutions will also assist your RTO with a range of before, during and after audit services as needed, including a complete and detailed analysis of your organisation, SWOT and compliance issues reports, training team audits, partnership arrangement reviews, assessment validation and rectification assistance, and provide self-assessment tools and checklists.

Your RTO will go through multiple ASQA audits during its operating life – including initial registration audit, post-initial registration audit, re-registration audits, compliance audits, CRICOS audits, and addition to scope audits – as ASQA continually ensures your organisation is able to demonstrate full compliance with the Standards for RTOs. The future of your RTO and your entire training business is always subject to the success of your next audit.

In today’s fast-paced VET industry, successful RTOs know that ensuring 100% compliance is the key to securing your training business long term. Increasing compliance requirements in the Standards for RTOs, and stricter penalties for non-compliance mean it is now, more than ever before, critical you keep up with your compliance obligations. EMC Audit Solution will ensure your RTO is compliant and is ready for audit with less painful process.

A Complete Audit Against All Clauses of the Latest Standards for RTOs 2015 and its amendments in 2017 including new audit focus

  • Onsite Visit or Remote Web Conference with an Audit Expert
  • Pre-Audit Coaching and “Practice Run” to Train and Prepare your Key Staff for an Audit
  • A Review of Your Training and Assessment Strategy and Trainer Profiles
  • A Review of Your Policies, Procedures, processes, and application consistency, Ongoing Compliance, and Quality Assurance Documents
  • A Full Audit Report with Rectification Recommendations to Ensure Compliance

Post audit rectifications are challenging for any RTO. After the audit, now you’ve been handed a list of non-compliance issues identified by your auditor and told you have just 20 working days to rectify all of them and submit a report with evidence as proof. Failing to do so can cost you your RTO registration and shut down your business.

It’s time to get things straight and bring in our team of experienced post-audit rectification consultants who can help you solve your non-compliance issues and pass your audit.

It is strongly advised you contact EMC Audit Solutions in the lead up to audit so we can assist you with the audit process, and are already familiar with your RTO and systems when it comes time to complete rectifications.

If you have just received your audit report and need assistance with rectifications, rectifications must be completed on time.  Contact EMC Audit Solutions immediately, so we can get started right away.

Training Options

Staff Training

New regulatory auditing approach requires the institutions to follow the five phases of the student’s journey, grouping the relevant standards (and clauses) against each stage. ASQA has emphasised the importance of RTO practice to the quality of the student experience.

We offer standardised and customised training programmes designed to up-skill operational and frontline staff to meet the regulatory requirements, on developments and trends, as well as operational processes.

Our training programmes range from refresher courses through to technical courses on specific regulatory matters.

Training can be delivered on-site by one of our consultants or digitally.

Compliance Officer Training

Compliance Officers are subject to regulatory responsibility and liabilities, and therefore require an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the regulatory and operational compliance obligations that a business is required to satisfy on an ongoing basis.

We offer those Compliance Officers customised training programmes tailored the specific regulatory regimes affecting their institution.

Training is delivered on-site by a Director or Senior Consultant.

Senior Managers & Directors

Certain businesses are faced with so much complexities on compliance matters and subject to great amount of cash outflow on compliance. Senior Managers and Directors are required to have a thorough understanding of their business operations in terms of their functions and coordination among functions and the operational and regulatory risks facing their functions.

We offer concise and targeted board and senior management level training sessions on the compliance issues and developments that have a direct impact on the institution that can be overcome by smooth and cost-effective approaches in order to achieve their business goals.

Training is delivered on-site by a Director or Senior Consultant.

Assessment Validation is a critical core compliance activity for Australian RTOs, required by the Standards for RTOs 2015. Third party validation of your training and assessment resources and assessment judgements by EMC Audit Solutions will not only save you time, and allow you to access expert validators, it is also desirable and even necessary to achieve full compliance with the Standards for RTOs.

As per ASQA’s Standards for RTOs 2015, your RTO’s validation plan must ensure:

  • Every training product on your RTO’s scope of registration undergoes validation at least once every five years.
  • You validate at least 50 per cent of the training products in the first three years of that cycle.

How will EMC Audit meet your Assessment Validation needs?

Our Validation Experts have extensive experience validating training and assessment resources, and assessment judgements, to help Australian RTOs maintain compliance and enhance their training through improved training resources and consistent assessment practices.

EMC Audit Solutions offers TWO types of validation service to help you achieve full compliance:

Post-Assessment Validation is a quality review process that ensures your RTO’s assessment system produces consistent, valid assessment judgements. During post-Assessment Validation, validators will review assessments completed by your assessors to ensure they are compliant with rules of evidence which are sufficient, valid, current, reliable and authentic. They will be looking for evidence that demonstrates your RTO’s assessors make reasonable judgements about whether your learners have met the training and assessment requirements.

As part of your Post-Assessment Validation Service, EMC Audit Solutions can:

  • Lead or participate in your validation team or undertake your assessment validation on our own
  • Provide reports with recommended improvements and rectifications to your assessment process
  • Work out a statistically valid sample size for your Post-Assessment Validation
  • Assist you to implement improvements and rectifications identified during the validation process
  • Set up your validation schedule and conduct regular assessment validation for you to ensure your compliance requirements are met

Assessment Tool Validation focuses specifically on whether your RTO’s training and assessment resources (including Assessment Workbooks and Assessor Guides) fully meets the requirements of the training package, and comply with the Standards for RTOs 2015.

During your learning resource validation, EMC Audit’s validators will map your assessment materials against the training package requirements to identify missing or inadequate assessment of Elements, Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence, Performance Evidence. They will also assess the overall quality and compliance of your training tools against the requirements of the Standards for RTOs 2015.

As part of our Assessment Tool Validation service we will:

  • Map your assessment resources against the training package requirements to identify knowledge and evidence gaps
  • Review your assessment tools against the Standards for RTOs 2015 requirements
  • Provide an overall assessment of the quality, style and content of the resource
  • Provide an actionable list of recommended rectifications
  • Create complete validation reports and mapping documents for each unit or cluster (enquire now and ask for a free assessment tool validation sample!)

Contact EMC Audit Solutions today and book your assessment validation service now.

We accept one-off validation services, and are also able to set up long term validation plans for your RTO so you can be assured in the knowledge your RTO is always up to date and fully compliant with the Standards for RTOs 2015 validation requirements.