If you are an employer and looking to minimize your labour cost, why not offer work placement for credible student who is keen to gain skills in real environment. Contact us to provide you suitable candidate who can help your business by utilizing their skills and time which can assist you to minimize your labour cost and support your business in such a high cost environment. Likewise, you are also supporting and helping needful student who is keen to join workforce.

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What are the benefits to you


  • Access to participants who have gain some formal training in their field of studies
  • Support community and build workforce
  • Improve productivity and lower your overhead cost
  • No such obligation to you to employ after the completion of training
  • You may wish to employ if you find the participant is valuable to your organisation


What are the benefits to the participant(s)


  • Gain practical experience in real work environment
  • Increase employment opportunity


What are the cost to hire a trainee?


Students are not required to be paid because of section buy cheap propecia online 5.4.20 of ETRA. However, if you wish to pay, you can do so by agreement between you and the participant and you can notify institute for such agreement.


What are my obligations


  • Treat a trainee as trainee. You may not expect them to be fully trained employee.
  • Provide safe workplace.
  • Allow them to learn variety of jobs while they are working at your workplace.
  • Don’t discriminate.

Who is responsible for work cover arrangement for the trainee?


This is institute’s responsibility to cover for the worker compensation in case there is any accident takes place while they are under work placement. You don’t need to take out any work cover for the trainee.


What do I need to do if I am interested in hiring a trainee for work placement?


You are simply needing to fill out an expression of interest form or call us. We will send you resume of the suitable candidate to you. If you wish to interview before accepting the candidate, is fine.

Once you have selected the candidate, then you need to work out with candidate the time-table (roster). Student will then contact their institute to inform about you (the employer or the host). Institute supervisor will contact you to have the formal agreement signed.