Cost to study in Australia

How much cost to study in Australia

Every aspirant student wish to know, how much cost to study in Australia but there is no one answer to this question however it is quite easy to work out yourself. There are few factors that you need to consider.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees vary from school to school, from one university to another. Some courses are more expensive than others.  Particularly in Australia, just like any other country, it ranges from $6000 to $100000 per year. For example, studying MBA at leading Business school may cost up to $100,000. The best way to find out is to either search on the internet or consult any of the education agents.

Living cost

As per the Department of Home Affairs, Australia the living cost is approximately $20,000 per year. However, it may be lesser than that. It will again depend upon which suburb do you live in and how far is it from CBD. You will likely to share accommodation with other friends. You may not be eating out on a regular basis as well as you may not have other expenditure such as recreation cost, as much as another fellow student.

Travelling expense

Generally travelling expense is from your home country to Australia.

Student visa application cost

You will also require to pay student visa application fees to Department of Home Affairs which is $560. For the current fees, you can simply visit www.homeaffairs.gov.au

Overseas health cover (Insurance)

Health cover (Insurance) is a mandatory requirement for everyone who travels to Australia on a student buy propecia visa. You must take out OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for the entire duration of the course. For example, if your course is of 2 years then you must take out OSHC for 2 years. If 4 years course, then you need to have OSHC for 4 years. There is only handful of OSHC provider. Not every insurance company can sell OSHC. This is different from travel insurance. Price for OSHC varies from one OSHC provider to another. You may budget for approximately $500-$600 per year.

Education agent’s charges

Some education agent may charge you and some may not. It’s again their choice. But it is your responsibility to check in advance whether they are going to charge you or not and how much. It is understood that there is a significant expense for running a consultancy business, therefore, charging a reasonable fee for their services should be acceptable. It may vary from $0 to $1500. Ensure to check with few other agencies before you commit to pay.

Simple calculation:

1ST year school/University Tuition fees + $20,000 living + Approx. $5000 for another cost. If your course fee for the 1ST year is $10,000 then you must have access to least $35,000.

If you are looking for an honest advice and one of the trusted education agency then you should contact www.emcaustralia.com.au or simply fill out course assessment form www.emcaustralia.com.au/caf  to find out if you will qualify for a place in Australian universities as well study visa.


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