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What are my options after I have completed two years of Diploma study ? If your ultimate goal is to apply for General Skilled Migration by completing two years of Diploma study in Australia such as a Certificate III & IV in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) followed by a Diploma in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery), you will be able to count an extra five points in your points tally. The five points may be small but it could be what makes you eligible for permanent residency and it could be the last five points you need.

If you hold an Australian Diploma qualification, you will most certainly be given a further 10 points to add towards propecia reviews your total tally when counting up your score for General Skilled Migration. If you study a Diploma outside of Australia, you need to have your qualification assessed and deemed to be the same standard as an Australian Diploma qualification and this can cost time and money.

If you complete your Diploma studies in an Australian regional area, you may be eligible to add a further 5 points to your total tally for General Skilled Migration. This means that by studying a Diploma in Australia, you could be eligible for up to 20 points towards your total points tally for General Skilled Migration. Considering you require 60 points in total to be eligible, 20 points in return for studying an Australian Diploma is a very good reward.

On the completion of your studies, if your occupation that you have recently become qualified to perform is listed on a list drawn up and reviewed by the Australian state governments, you will be eligible to contribute another 5 points towards your total tally towards a General Skilled Migration visa.

There are many different types of study pathways available at multiple different colleges and institutions across varied fields. Some of the many fields of study include:

  • Aquaculture
  • Salon Management
  • Fashion Design
  • Surveying
  • Automotive Technology
  • Building & Construction
  • Youth Work
  • Dental Technology
  • Aged Care
  • Tourism
  • Horticulture
  • Hospitality
  • Lab Technology

After completing your studies, if your occupation is listed on another list drawn up and reviewed by the government on an annual basis, you may also be eligible for the Graduate visa program. This visa will allow a visa holder to work in Australia for up to 18 months. The Graduate visa program makes it easier for fresh graduates to gain Australian working experience and can act as a pathway to another temporary or permanent working visa.

Another advantage to having Australian Diploma qualifications is that as an international student and a skilled worker, your qualifications will make your profile more appealing to Australian businesses and organisations and they may be willing to hire you and sponsor you on a working visa. You will be increasing your chances of gaining Australian employment by studying an Australia qualification/s.

If you’re still outside of Australia and looking for a way to get here, we would advise you to contact EMC Australia or EMC International offices. We are very contactable by email, phone, Skype, live chat and are constantly looking at ways to better accommodate international clients. If you’re currently in Australia and need some help or some information on your next steps or options, we are always happy to offer face-to-face consultations as well as advice over the phone.



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