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Short story form an aspiring student- Study in Australia

I am Agustin from Batangas, Philippines and this is a short story of my journey to Australia. When I was a kid I used to tell my parents if I were given the opportunity to study abroad I will choose Australia. I love Kangaroos. In fact, I have a collection of stuffed Kangaroos in my bedroom. I also collect other souvenir items from Australia because some of my cousins used to study there, so whenever they have the chance to visit us, I always ask them to bring something.

I was fascinated with the stories of my cousins about their study experiences in Australia. They told me that their facilities are excellent and their teachers are very smart and approachable. My cousins are older than me so now they are all professionals and working with some prestigious companies and I just finished my Senior High School. Now I am thinking of studying abroad, so I told my parents about it. I am a consistent honor since elementary. I always wanted to be one of the top students in our class so I can be qualified for any scholarship programs and dreaming that someday Australia will be the answer to my prayers.

My father is the only one who supported me with my plan of studying abroad. My mom is scared for me because it would be my first time to live away from them. I’ve already learned how to be independent since I entered high school because I am preparing for this big event in my study career.

You know moms are the ones who will always feel worried about their children. I always tell my mom than I am a grown up. But she always treats me as her baby. We are only 2 siblings, I am the older and my younger sister is still in elementary. I want to experience a different kind of life and to become an independent person.

We had a family meeting, my aunts and uncles were also present. We’ve talked about my plan to study in Australia. My uncle told me that I need to get a good education agent in Australia, so they can help me to process my papers and my accommodations as well.

My auntie asked my parents if they are able to support my needs to study in Australia, because if not they are willing to help my parents. Those words of my auntie are like the sweetest I’ve heard in my life. I gave her a hug and thank her in advance. Of course my Uncle offered his financial support also so I gave him a fist bump. My mom, of course, the Emotional Mom of the Year shed her tears because his only son will be away from her for some years.

I told my parents that my decision to study in Australia is not only for my future but for them also. I want to see my parents stop working when they grow old and enjoy their life together traveling and doing what they want.

After the melodramatic meeting with my family, we started to gather information and find the best education agent in Australia. My cousins helped me to find the right agency that can help me process all my documents and my accommodation as well. I also told my dad that I want to find a part time job in my free time.

Based on our research, international students are only allowed to work 20 hours per week which is not bad. I also have a friend who also wants to study with me abroad. I told him if we can share a room it will be convenient for us, and we are both Filipinos so it will be easy for us to make adjustments. We will also get the same course and plan to go to the same school.

I know that it is not that easy to live away from home. There are struggles of course but I do believe that everything has a solution. I have a very supportive family and God is always with me. There’s nothing for me to fear about being alone in another country. I am so excited to make my first step to the “land of the Kangaroos” and hop until I reach my dreams in life.

Student from the Philippines


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