So, you’re already writing your Statement of Purpose (SOP), but you don’t know what it is and what to put in it. And this is the blogpost for you, a guide on what the Statement of Purpose is, and what and not to put in it.


A Statement of Purpose for short is called a SOP. It is an essay of the visa applicant to show the reason of studying in Australia. This is an important document provided alongside the visa application for the Immigration to consider, evaluate and give a result for the visa application.


The Statement of Purpose is one of the most needed documents in your application. Because shows your personal information, plans for study abroad and future career orientation. The more detailed the SOP, the clearer and more specific your plan will provide help in the processing of your visa application to be approved.


  • Be Honest

Giving the correct information is the key point in writing your SOP; it’s not good if Immigration finds out any incorrect information from your sentences. What you write in your SOP should be reflected with strong, and available proof.

For example, if you are writing that you worked before in a specific company and position, provide work certificates from that company.

  • Talk About your Educational Background

Talk about the history of your educational background, why you chose that certain course before, or how can it correlate to the course you will be taking in Australia.

Do this in detail by doing this you can show them the history of your education and how it can benefit your upcoming study in Australia.

  • Do Research

Some research for your upcoming course to show your interest in study. When writing about your upcoming course don’t just put anything on it; research about the course, write in detail that you are greatly interested in it by knowing what that that course is. Showcase the reason why you’re interested in that course and why study it in Australia rather than in your home country.

  • Provide a Clear Plan

Have a clear plan after you finish the course in Australia – it will show that you are not only studying for fun but also you want to improve your knowledge for your future career.

Remember that you are applying for a student visa and that you are only staying there temporarily. You should not only focus on why you would like to study in Australia but also add that by studying in Australia you, your career, skills, and/or home country can greatly benefit on it.

  • Provide Reasons to Return

Mention reasons why you must go back to your home country (family, job opportunities, etc.) because this is a student visa, so after the course, you must travel back to your home country.

Having strong ties from your home country is also a good point for your visa outcome. Australian immigration will be strict on the applicant being a genuine temporary entrant.


  • Hiding Information or Providing Lies

Being dishonest can have serious consequences, including being denied admission or even being dismissed from the program if you are accepted and found to have lied.

It’s always better to be honest and transparent in your SOP. Remember what you need to provide is nothing but only the truth in your statement of purpose.

  • Writing Unnecessary Information

It will keep your SOP boring and lengthy and cannot deliver key point you want to show up. Only stick to the main points and necessary information. You do not want to bore the officer with lengthy paragraphs only to be viewed as unnecessary and irrelevant.

  • Copying From Others

This is something you must always keep in mind when writing your essay; you must write it all yourself and do the research yourself. Immigration may call you incidentally and ask you questions, since the information is not yours, you cannot remember and answer properly.

A good note to know is that your Statement of Purpose is personal and not a general statement that can be copied from others. All information should be yours and yours alone and not from other people.

To meet the standard SOP is also a task for each student applicant and it can be a difficult task. It impacts the decision of your visa outcome, so you need to spend time to research and write.

But if you’re still struggling and don’t know where to start, you can contact EMC for support. With a team of experienced and friendly, we will help you make your path to studying abroad in Australia easier.

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