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Are you traveling to Australia and you would like to bring some items from where you just came from? You can import items for your personal use especially if that’s something you know that you can only source from that certain place. And you should know what you can and cannot bring with you. In this part, we will share with you the list of goods that you can bring to Australia without declaring.

You do not need to declare these goods if they are commercially prepared and packaged and for personal use only:

1. Chocolate and confectionery

The limit for these is only up to 10 kilograms but it should be commercially prepared and packaged but this should only be for your personal import.

You should take not that the chocolate you plan on to import must not contain meat, e.g. bacon.

For confectionery items it may inlcude fudge, toffees, boiled sweets, peppermings, mashmallows, and liquorice.

2. Roasted coffee

You can bring roasted coffee beans without declaring it as long as it’s only up to 10 kilograms. But there are some that are exlcuded like Kopi Luwak and Civet coffee beans.

3. Cosmetics

This includes soaps and hair care products, cosmetics that you would bring should be commercially manufactured and packages for personal use and it should be only up to 10 kilograms or 10 litres.

Cosmetics other than those listed above may require an import permit.

4. Juice and soft drink

Juices made from fruit and vegetable, and soft drinks can be brought to Australia. But there are conditions, it should be commercially prepared and packaged, it should be shelf stable meaning it should not require refrigeration.

Another thing to noted on is that juices made out of fruit and vegetable must be pacakged in a hermetically sealed containers, like:

  • metal cans,
  • glass jars or bottles with ‘twist off’ lids or caps,
  • plastic containers that have heat sealed lids or lids with a double seam but not those with snap or plastic lids
  • aseptic cartons (e.g. tetra paks)
  • retort pouches

Now you can bring your juices and soft drinks.

5. Maple syrup, golden syrup, treacle

Australia does not prohibit you from bringing in maple syrup, gold syrup, and treacle.

6. Potato crisps

Do you have a favorite crisp or to you it may be called chips? Well, you’re in luck you can bring and enjoy that in Australia.

7. Tea (black and green)

What’s a day without a spot of tea? You are allowed to bring your black and green tea both that are plain or with flavouring. Plain black or green teas and plain black or green teas with flavouring

All you have to comple is that these teas are in a clean, new, unopened packaging and free of live insects and other contamination.

But note that if those teas have seeds, animal, other fungla or microbial products then you need to look BICON for each individual ingredient to determin the conditions that may apply.

8. Vegemite, Promite, Marmite, cheesymite, Nutella, peanut butter

Are you curious if your favorite spread is allowed in Australia? Well, for vegemite, promite, marmite, cheesymite, nutella, and peanut butter you can surely bring it to Australia without declaring it. But I’d suggest to check the seals and pack it good to avoid unexpected spills.

Above are the list of goods that you can bring with you when travelling to Australia without declaring. Australia is a quite strict country in importing and exporting goods, so you need to be careful not to be fined if you bring prohibited items. In the following article, we will give you with a list of items that are prohibited or must be declared when entering Australia.

Moreover, if you need to get more information about Australian visa types, please do not hesitate to read more of our blogs.

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