Brining girlfriend to Australia 

You may think, just because you have an Australian boyfriend, it would be easy to come to Australia. In reality, it is not as easy as it seems. There are two common ways to travel to Australia if you have a boyfriend or an Australian partner. We don’t claim that there cannot be another way. However, this article mainly focuses on the most common ways that one can think.

  1. Visitor Visa
  2. Partner Visa

Both the visa categories have their own challenges that you must have to meet. As you may be aware that Australian Migration is quite complex and migrating to Australia is even more complex. Let’s talk about the Visitor Visa first. 

Visitor visa has different categories or streams such as

  1. Tourist Stream
  2. Sponsored family stream
  3. Business visitor stream
  4. Approved Destination Status stream
  5. Frequent traveler stream

In this scenario, we will only cover the Tourist Stream. Sponsored family stream or another stream is not covered in this article. 

Tourist stream visa subclass-600 is the most common stream used for people who want to travel to Australia for a shorter duration. You may be able to get this visa if you are eligible and satisfy the Department of Home Affairs (Australia Immigration) you are a genuine visitor and your visit is for the purpose of tourism and meeting your family and friends. 

Now you may be thinking, what do you need to show to the Government that you genuinely want to visit Australia temporarily. The basic requirements are

  1. Have a valid passport
  2. must be of good character
  3. Sufficient money to travel
  4. Travel plan

Apart from the basic requirement, you must prove to the department that your visit is temporary, and you will return back to your home country. This is the challenging part. Australian Immigration Legislation allows for a subjective decision. Therefore, the decision-maker must be satisfied that you will return back to your home country within the visa validity period as well as you will comply with all the visa conditions. 

When we talk about bringing girlfriend or boyfriend to Australia, it is more difficult to satisfy to the decision-maker unless you have very strong ties with your home country. It is up to you, how you prove to the decision-maker that you have substantial ties with your home country, and it is stronger than the ties with Australia and the Australian boyfriend or partner. 

There is always a question asked whether to seek the help of a Registered Migration Agent. Although, there is a lot of information available on the Department of Home Affairs website as well as on Google it is never explained how you can meet each requirement. Getting professional advice will minimize the risk and it’s worth it. 

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  1. Laurie malone0 says:

    Im wanting to marry my partner from the Philippines what do I need to do

  2. Laurie malone says:

    Im wanting to marry my partner from the Philippines what do I need to do

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