Graduate Work stream (Subclass 485)

The Graduate Work stream (Subclass 485) is designed for international students who have recently graduated with skills and qualifications relevant to specific occupations that Australia needs. This visa allows you to live, study, and work in Australia temporarily. • With this visa, you can: • Stay in Australia, typically for 18 months (temporarily increased to 24 months for visas granted from 1 December 2021). • Travel, work, or study in Australia during your stay. • Find your own employment as we are not responsible for arranging employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, you can stay for 18 months, but this has been temporarily increased to 24 months for visas granted from 1 December 2021. Hong Kong and British National Overseas passport holders may stay up to 5 years.

Yes, you can include family members in your application, but they must meet health and character requirements. Children can be added until a decision is made, and other family members can apply as subsequent entrants after the visa is granted.

The visa costs AUD1,895.00 for the primary applicant, with additional charges for family members. Subsequent entrants must pay the full visa application charge, and there may be other related costs.

No, this visa cannot be extended for a longer stay. However, eligible graduates from Hong Kong may have a pathway to permanent residency after 5 years.

You can demonstrate English proficiency by achieving specific scores in recognized language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, OET, or Cambridge C1 Advanced test. Alternatively, you can hold a valid passport from specific English-speaking countries.

Currently, there are no frequently asked questions available for the Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 114).