Subsequent entrant (subclass 482)

The Subsequent Entrant Visa is designed for family members of subclass 457 and Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa holders who wish to join the primary visa holder in Australia. Typically, this visa is applied for at the same time as the main applicant's visa application. However, in certain situations, you may need to apply separately, a process referred to as a subsequent entrant application. This occurs when the family composition changes after the main applicant has already applied for their TSS visa or when the primary TSS visa has already been granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

A subsequent entrant visa is for family members of subclass 457 and TSS visa holders who need to join the primary visa holder in Australia when they can’t be included in the primary applicant’s visa application.

Yes, if eligible, you can apply for permanent residence while holding a subsequent entrant visa.

The costs vary based on the stream and type of visa held by the primary visa holder. You may also need to cover additional costs like health checks, police certificates, and biometrics.

You can stay as long as your visa is valid. If you want to extend your stay, the primary visa holder’s employer may need to submit a new nomination, and you must apply for a new visa.

Family members can’t be added to a primary visa applicant’s TSS visa application after it has been submitted. They should submit subsequent entrant applications separately.

No, there is no age requirement for the subsequent entrant visa.

This provision refers to engaging in conduct related to offering or receiving a benefit in exchange for visa sponsorship, which could affect your eligibility. It’s essential not to have contravened this provision in the past three years.

Currently, there are no frequently asked questions available for the Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 114).