Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186) – Direct Entry Stream

The Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186), Direct Entry Stream, is designed for skilled workers nominated by an Australian employer to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. This visa offers various benefits, including indefinite stay in Australia, work and study opportunities, enrollment in Medicare, sponsorship eligibility for relatives, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can include eligible family members such as your partner and dependent children.

This visa allows indefinite stay in Australia.

Yes, if you meet the necessary requirements.

If the nominating employer’s business ceases operation, you should consult with the Department of Home Affairs for guidance on your visa status.

Yes, most applicants need a positive skills assessment to demonstrate the necessary skills for the nominated position.

Currently, there are no frequently asked questions available for the Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 114).