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Personal details
What's your preferred communication method?
Do you have child ?
Your enquiry is related to
What is your highest level of qualification?
Provide your English test score
Have you applied for student visa before?
What was the visa application outcome ?
Will your dependent(s) travel with you?
Financial Declaration (For International Student )
Who will be your sponsor or who will financially support your studies ?
Is your partner Australian Citizen or Permanent resident?
Are you currently employed?
How much fund do you have available for travel purpose?
Do you have any assets in your name?
Have you traveled to Australia and/or any other country?
Who is going to sponsor you for your travel to Australia?
Did you complete Engineering Degree in last 2 years
What was the area of specialisation?
Where are you currently located ?
Do you currently hold an Australian Visa?
Have you completed 2 years of study in Australia within 6 months? ?
Do you have overall score of at least 6 with a minimum score of 5 in IELTS or PTE (Overall 50 with minimum 34)
Have you applied or recevied successful Skill Assessment ?
Current Visa Details ( if applicable)
English Language Ability
Employment History
Can you prove your employment history ?
How many years of experience do you have?
Do you have a current job offer in Australia ?
Do you have a Skills Assessment from an Australian Skills Assessing Authority?
Educational History
Do you currently own a business?
Business Owners
Are you a senior executive ?Top level management eg. CEO, With business turnover of more than AUD 10 Million
Have you taken English proficiency test in last 3 years?IELTS/PTE/TOEFEL
What’s your average score in English proficiency test?IELTS/PTE/TOEFEL
Does the business currently import/export products?
Is the business publicly listed or share trading?
Do you have any patents or designs registered?
Does the business have any association with Australian company in a supply/buying, joint venture or any other capacity?
How many years of business experience do you have in total?
What percent of share do you hold in this business?
What’s Owner’s equity in the business?
What is the total assists of the busines?
What is the profit for the recent calendar year?
Do you intend to maintain the business in your country while establishing in Australia?
Do you want to invest in start-up or in an established business?
What’s your preferred state do you want to invest in and intend to live?
Spouse/Partner Details
Do you have Australian spouse/partner ?
Have you met your partner in person ?
Are you married with this partner ?
How long have you been married or in relationship ?
How long have you lived together ?
In which state does your partner live ?
Relatives in Australia
Do you have any relative in Australia?
Character & Health
Do you or anyone who will be included in your application have any known health condition?
Do you or anyone who will be included in your application have any known criminal history?
Further Comments
Do you like to provide any more information relevant to your situation?
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Any relevant documents eg- Visa grant notice, refusal or cancellation

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