Visitor visa (subclass 600) – Tourist stream

About the Visa

A Tourist visa is required for people who wish to come to Australia to travel or visit friends and family.

Travellers from non-ETA eligible countries, those wishing to stay in Australia for more than three (3) months or tourists already in Australia wishing to extend their stay are required to make a paper-based tourist visa application.


Who are eligible (Eligibility and requirement)

The candidate has evidence of sufficient funds, such as personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts, taxation records or credit card limit.

If the candidate is visiting relatives or friends, a letter of invitation from his/her relative or friend in Australia. If his/her relative or friend is paying for his/her visit, evidence that they have the necessary funds.

If the candidate is visiting under the Tourist stream:

  • His/her itinerary for his/her stays in Australia.
  • Other information to show that the candidate has an incentive and authority to return to his/her home country, such as:
    • a letter from his/her employer stating his/her intention to return to his/her job
    • evidence of enrolment at a school, college or university in his/her home country
    • evidence of immediate family members in his/her home country
    • evidence of his/her visa or residence status in his/her home country, and his/her right to return
    • Evidence of property or other significant assets owned in his/her home country.


What visa lets you do?

This temporary visa will let you:

  • To come to Australia to travel or visit friends and family.
  • For up to three, six, other 12 months



Application fee: AU$ 345 for onshore/ AU$ 140 for offshore.


Processing time

4-6 weeks




* This is the DIBP prescribed cost of the application. This does not include Migration agent’s fees. To obtain the current fees, kindly refer to the above link or DIBP website.

Consult migration agent in your area